Dueling Tree, IPSC Challenge and Steel Challenge Simulator Firearms Competitions.

Simulator sampler August 2018

8/18/18 - My wife and I stopped in to try out the laser firearm  simulator at AK Virtual Arms Training while on vacation in Wears Valley  TN.  What a hidden gem. We started off competing against each other on a  dueling tree which was tremendous fun.  From there we did everything  from competition stages (with the dreaded Texas Star) to police  engagement simulators.  Not only was it great fun, but also educational.  It really makes you appreciate the judgement and reaction time it takes  to handle these situations.  Each scenario has shot tracking and some  of the sim firearms even have gas powered recoil. Playing the role of  police officer responding to a school shooting incident carrying a  realistically weighted AR with gas recoil really got the heart pumping!   Weather you are teaching kids safe firearm handling or looking to hone  in on your own skills; this is the place for you.  Andrea is a Certified  Instructor and it shows as she walks you through the simulators. -  Visiting couple from MI.

TN Carry Permit Class March 2019

Andrea is a wonderful teacher for all levels - ESPECIALLY beginners who are not obnoxious "gun nuts". I do not think I would have gotten a gun if I had not met her, she has helped change my mindset.  When it comes to safety there is no better teacher in my opinion. - Sheryl

Regular Customer / Carry Permit April 2019

My husband and I love this place.  They are so helpful and accommodating.  The simulator is so realistic.  I'll be there Tuesday for carry permit class and tests!  Can't wait! - Linda

Google Review March 2019

I had a wonderful time. Everyone was so nice and great at teaching beginner's. I would recommend this place to anyone. - Toni

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