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About Me


Hi,  my name is Andrea!  AK Virtual Arms Training LLC is my business.  I am a female State of TN Homeland Security Certified Firearms Instructor who also has a variety of other  relevant certifications and experience, including having worked for NASA  on the Space Shuttle Program some years back!  I was a Girl Scout once  and understand how important successful female role models are.  I am in  a position to uniquely offer your girls challenging growth  opportunities that extend far beyond them finishing any of the classes  we offer.

First Time Offered To Girl Scouts!!

When I was a Girl Scout, I always longed for the chance to do some  firearms training, like the Boy Scouts do.  Here is your chance, in the  complete safety of our firearms training simulator where no live ammo is  used.  We reinforce live fire range rules and safe firearms handling to  build safety skills as a good habit, that will last a lifetime.


Use the links below to view our current Girl Scout offerings.  Check back, we hope to add more in the future!

Our Girl scout Programs

Girl Scout OPEN HOUSE 2020!



Girl Scout January FREE Open House!!

JANUARY 18, 2020 Noon-1:30

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Open to all East TN Girl Scout Troops

Eddie Eagle Firearms Safety (hands-off) (D, B, J)


This  is a very basic, "hands off" approach to firearms safety.Parents also receive firearms safety information such as locking  guns up, while children are working on their work book activities.  Parents are an active part of the Eddie Eagle program and there are no  additional fees required for parents to participate.

Dates: TBD

Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Class (J, C, S, A)


This  is beginners firearms training using simulator and laser enabled  training guns, very safe. Students also receive Certificate of  completion. Highly recommended and a lot of fun!

Sign up for our next class date (October 14) and reserve a seat using the red button below.

Steel Challenge Competition Simulator (J, C, S, A)


This  is an Introduction to firearms competition.  We use the simulator and  have a simulator competition focused on supporting one another  developing discipline, and improving ones own skills rather than trying  to beat someone else. Girls will have all the knowledge necessary to do a  live fire Steel Challenge competition upon completion.  

Dates: TBD

Women On Target - Live Fire Event (C, S, A 14+)


This  is a live fire clinic, more in depth training on firearms, function,  ammunition and finally a trip to the live fire range for first shots  using the Instructors user friendly firearms.  This is a live fire event  intended for both the parent and Scout to pay and participate.  

Dates: TBD

Special Events


Girl Scouts receive a discount on all of our Competition events, IPSC, Steel Knockdown World Record and Steel Challenge.  ID required.  We can also host parties that include using our firearms simulator and have gift certificates available.  Contact us for more information.