What is a Firearms Simulator?

A firearms simulator is hard describe in words, it is an experience you can find in Wears Valley when you visit the Smoky Mountains!  Your field of view is filled with a large screen simulator video, your ears tune into surround sound, you shoot very realistic firearms that can include recoil, shot timers instantly give you feedback on your shooting, cameras are providing computerized input on how you react, and your heart-rate increases with the excitement so you can become accustomed to shooting under stress.  Simulator video training is much more than punching holes in paper at a live fire range. 

How simulator firearms training helps live-fire accuracy

We practiced shooting the Texas Star at our virtual range using our firearms simulator.  Shooting the Texas Star is very tricky! To see how effective training on the simulator is, watch Andrea and Rudy NAIL the Texas Star, the first time they live-fire shoot a Texas Star at a 3-Gun competition!!!  

IPSC Competition Simulator

Watch our simulator video of the biggest, best, full-blown virtual reality firearms simulator competition scenario in Wears Valley! Activator targets, pop-ups, cardboard and a super realistic Texas Star are all scientifically and mathematically precise in their movements, you cannot tell the difference between this and live fire gun trainer reactive targets. We start with the fundamentals of competition, and move on to our 5 stage virtual training IPSC competition. There is a leader board and score board.  Beginners, advanced, young, mature, will all enjoy this virtual reality competition. And best of all, you will be getting legitimate trigger time and practice, all within the comfort of our cozy log cabin in the Smoky Mountains! 

Andrea - Smoke and Hope - Ruger Mark IV Hunter

04/28/2019 - This is a short video of me (Andrea) doing the Steel Challenge string "Smoke and Hope" with my new Ruger Mark IV Hunter in the Smoky Mountains.  I use the simulator video to practice for Steel Challenge. Look for my Blog review on the Ruger Mark IV Hunter and for competition information near Wears Valley.