COVID-19 Statement

We are planning on staying open and doing business because your safety is important to us.

Special Notice:  Please be aware that we take the time to disinfect all surfaces, door  knobs, bathrooms and laser guns between each class to protect  our clients. We are also augmenting our ventilation, to keep a constant flow of air coming in and pushing out of the building. If  you are feeling sick, exhibiting signs of respiratory sickness, cough,  etc., PLEASE reschedule for a day when you are feeling better.  We have many older clients and appreciate your caring to not pass illness to our more at risk, older customers. We are temporarily suspending our non-refundable deposit policy.  From  March 15-April 30 we will refund deposits due to sickness.   We reserve  the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting signs of sickness.   Thank you for understanding.