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Virtual Reality FIREARMS SIM

Simulator Firearms Training, Pistol Tournaments, 2A Parties, Pistol Competitions, Team Building Events and Fund Raisers, oh my! 

AK Virtual Arms Training in Wears Valley TN offers some of the most advanced dynamic reality based firearms experiences in real time and space with simulator and recoil enabled laser gun technology.  Action packed, FUN and safe training for women, beginners, men, youth and seniors; firearm basics, shoot no shoot, home invasion, active shooter, competition training and general practice.  Call and sign up today for an experience you will not forget with our simulator, SIRT and recoil enabled M9 Beretta gun and awesome recoil enabled AR-15 rifle technology.  Put yourself in Law Enforcements shoes and see just how challenging their job is. Train for the worst, buy the best because there will not be any 2nd place winners.  When it comes to defending and protecting your life, and the life of your loved ones, “Failure is not an option.”

What I am:  I am a woman, an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, State of TN Homeland Security Certified Handgun Carry Permit Instructor, FEMA Certified Active Shooter Trainer, NRA Certified Laser Simulator Trainer, NRA Member, Entrepreneur, Professionally Certified Business Analyst, a decent shot, an early stage firearms competitor, a sister, an aunt, girlfriend and daughter.

What I am not: a lawyer, commando, law enforcement, military, competition champion, gunsmith, man or the girl next door.